Nominated for Best Storages in New Braunfels

Thanks New Braunfels for nominating us for Best Self-Storages in New Braunfels.  We really appreciate the votes.  Our storages are clean, safe and easy to find, located centrally in New Braunfels. Stop by and say hello!

Spring Cleaning is right around the corner....

Need more space in your house?  River City Storages, located in the heart of New Braunfels can help your house look bigger and cleaner.  Located just of I-35 on Trade Center, these self storages are clean, affordable and accessible everyday.  Give us a call, or stop by and see what size storage unit you'll need.

Friendliest Self Storages in New Braunfels!

Come by and say hi to Ol' Rex at River City Storages.  We're located just one block south of I-35 on Trade Center in the heart of New Braunfels.  We have sizes for every need.  We take pride in keeping our facility clean and safe.

New Braunfels Storages

River City Storages, in New Braunfels Texas, can help you get a little more space in your home.  Clean out a garage, a closet, a room and feel safe that your personal belongings will be safe.

Happy Fall!!!

Now that it’s officially “fall”, do you need someplace to store all your summer “gear"?  River City Storages can help with that!  We’ve got the perfect size storage unit for all your ‘out of season’ storage needs!  Call us today and let us help you choose just the right size, at the right price! 



Are you looking to remodel now that the kids are out and off to college??  Need to store some of the stuff they left behind??  Rent a small storage unit from River City Storage and get it out of the way! 

Office Storage Space

Have you outgrown your office space, need more room for office stuff?  Consider renting a storage unit for that paperwork you have to keep but don’t need daily access to.  River City Storage in New Braunfels offers self-storage and mini storage at great prices! Call Mr. Rex for pricing!  

Selling your home this summer?

Need help to sell your house faster? Declutter!!! Buyers want to feel that they are buying a calm and well presented home and often cannot see past your personal effects.

Low Cost Storage in New Braunfels

River City Storage in New Braunfels, Texas, offers low cost self-storages as well as mini storages for those who have less than a warehouse but more than a shed’s worth of personal items that just don’t quite fit in their home. Pick your size, store your stuff, and enjoy the relief of having that much needed space back.

Storing College Stuff

Anyone with a college student knows that one of the challenges of living and moving into dorms is that they aren’t permanent. You will probably be moving them out at the end of the spring semester and have nowhere to store all their stuff for the summer. Renting a storage unit helps relieve the stress of finding a place to put all the things they accumulated over the year. Call River City Storage and let us help store that stuff! ‪#‎SelfStorage‬‪#‎StorgeUnits‬ ‪#‎DormStorage‬

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